Podcast: Baby Boomers in Asia Pacific with Kim Walker. Part 1

An interview with on PWRN radio (USA); Generation Reinvention. Hosted by Brent Green. Boomers across Asia represent a lucrative market opportunity. In the Asia-Pacific region ,the 50+ group is growing five times faster than overall population growth. They have been largely ignored by marketers and are therefore fertile ground for businesses to make inroads. Asian […]

Tsunami Takes Heavier Toll On Japan's Elderly

Tragically, but not surprisingly, stories are already emerging from Japan of the disproportionate toll the disaster has had on the elderly population. The elderly fled their home on foot as the warning sirens blared. But they could not keep up with their neighbors and fell behind as the tsunami rushed in. Many, unable to flee, […]

Evian 'Live Young'. Ageless in Asia

Evian has launched its Live Young campaign in South East Asia, starting with the unveiling of the billboard ads at Ion shopping mall in Singapore’s Orchard Road. I’ve used this campaign in speeches before as a great example of inclusive communications and the Singapore billboard is no exception. This escalator extravaganza features a range of […]