Accenture’s shopper research proves there’s little difference between ages

The survey among 10,000 consumers in 13 countries, reveals many similarities, and some differences in shopping habits and preferences across the generations. That being the case, you might wonder, what’s the fuss about creating customer experiences that are more Age-Friendly? Quite simply, the research does not consider the physical challenges that confront shoppers as they age. In fact, […]

Multi-generational shopping experience? Nice idea but where’s the beef?

The headline certainly caught my attention; “Creating a multi-generational experience for your shoppers”. The announcement of a multinational research report on retail from Accenture goes on to say “Our research findings show many similarities yet many differences in the way people of different generations shop”. Goodness me, really? In fact, there seems to be very […]

Self-service checkouts risk customer loyalty. Particularly among older shoppers.

Responding to increasing pressure for improved productivity and reduce costs, retailers, banks, airlines and others have moved to self checkout. But at what cost to customer loyalty? Evidence suggests it could be costing them business. Self checkouts are extending the queues, inconveniencing the customers, making them disenchanted. According to one consultant reported here, five out of six […]