The best ageing strategy is no ageing strategy at all

After years of running a multi-generational advertising campaign that includes younger and older models, leading British retailer Marks & Spencer have now turned away from this strategy. Hooray! In a recent panel at Advertising Week Europe, Marks & Spencer’s brand and marketing director said “Bluntly categorising consumers based on age is “meaningless”. This Campaign Magazine […]

Luxury brands to gain from the ageing consumer

There are some refreshing surprises in this list of companies which a leading bank thinks will benefit from an ageing consumer base. Societe Generale has selected a list of 40 companies with metrics based on historical performance relative to GDP growth and current market cap. The 40 make up a ‘Silver Economy Index’ as reported […]

McKinsey’s misguided approach to shopping malls

Older consumers will generate 51 percent of urban consumption growth in developed countries according to a McKinsey report last year on The Global Consumers to Watch. It logically follows that companies building or managing shopping malls should give careful consideration to this group of potential customers in their forward planning. Right? That’s why I am mystified […]

Sex toy store wins age-friendly award

With its oversized aisles, whisper-quiet music, and bathrooms for customers on the go, Bergen Street sex-toy shop Babeland has been certified as a great place for senior citizens to shop, and has a gold star to prove it. According to this article, the local store in Brooklyn, New York also racked up points based on […]