Are older consumers unworthy of innovation?

Why is it that innovation seems to be the unique domain of younger consumers? Each year I look forward to The Future 100 report published by JWTIntelligence. It’s a snapshot of the year ahead and the most compelling trends, themes and phenomena. A fascinating read which you can download via the link here. However, there’s something […]

Struggling to find the word to define older people

Apparently, Japan’s 60-somethings don’t like to be called ‘seniors’ yet in other parts of the world, this is the best of a bad bunch of classifiers. According to a study by a research arm of advertising agency Hakuhodo, nearly 90% of respondents in that age bracket — which includes the baby boomers who took part in […]

Is there money to be made from loneliness?

It’s a horrible question, to be sure. But if you think about it, most professions make money from the misfortune of others. Doctors make money from the illness of a patient and a horticulturalist makes money out of a failing crop. Viewed this way, it makes the question sadly more palatable. This article in the Guardian […]