Holiday Shoppers to Spend Less This Year

Only 6% of Americas Baby Boomers (age 45-63) and 4% of Matures (age 62 and older) plan to spend more this season, compared with 19% of Echo Boomers. Younger holiday shoppers are also the only age group that plans to increase spending in higher-end stores. This from a recent Harris Poll. Download pdf here. This […]

Boomer Retirements Least Affected By Recession?

According to a recent survey in the US,while hurt by the financial crisis, boomers appear to be least affected. The report by By Age Wave titled: Retirement at the TippingPoint: New Fears, New Hopes, and a New Purpose for Retirement can be downloaded here. Some interesting findings. Bear in mind, this is USA focussed: Boomers […]

Japan dubbs 5-Day holiday 'Silver Week'

At a time when consumer spending remains lackluster, the string of national holidays this month could be a boon for the travel industry and retailers, or so they hope. The Respect-for-the-Aged national holiday fell on Monday 21st September. So this year, the holiday on Monday, and with a separate national holiday marking the first day […]

Huge Opportunity In Senior-Friendly Housing

The world won’t be able to build enough retirement communities so the only option is to help people reamin living in their houses. This means making them Senior-Friendly. In the USA, according to the AARP, nine of 10 people older than 50 plan to remain in their homes for as long as their health allows, […]

'Seniors' ride recession better than 'Boomers'?

USA research suggests that for many Seniors, the impact is much less severe than it is for younger people. In the new Pew telephone survey, taken in March and April among 2,969 adults, here’s how many respondents in each age group said they had cut back on spending in the past year: 18-49: 68 percent50-64: […]