An age-friendly approach to ‘active ageing’

I have long been a critic of the term ‘Active Ageing’ in campaigns to promote the concept. Singapore being a prime offender. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud the initiative and completely understand the social and economic drivers behind it. All the more reason to applaud the latest initiative from Sport England which has set its […]

Five things older consumers need from packaging

Tetra Pak’s annual Consumer Generations Whitepaper rehashes the basics and oversimplifies the challenge in what seems to be a largely self-serving document. The liberally described ‘whitepaper‘ lists five “ingredients” for ideal packaging for Seniors. All make sense but they are a gross simplification: Packages need to be easy to open, so as to overcome any […]

Is this hearing-aid advert ageist?

This ad for a ‘revolutionary’ hearing aid device could have been quite fun but instead it becomes a tired, stereotypical (dare I say ageist?) portrayal. In this Bond-esque spoof, the older woman explains the unique benefits of the device to the (younger) agent but sadly/predictably, the older woman walks off with the aid. Not only is […]

Nestlé Launches Centre For Ageing Skin in China

Nestlé Skin Health has launched its new Skin Health Investigation, Education and Longevity Development (SHIELD) Centre in Shanghai. According to their press release, it aims to foster breakthroughs and collaboration in skin health through medical investigation, education and applications related to the convergence of technologies and bio-informatics. This is an interesting marriage between a highly commercial […]