Podcast: Baby Boomers in Asia Pacific with Kim Walker. Part 1

An interview with on PWRN radio (USA); Generation Reinvention. Hosted by Brent Green. Boomers across Asia represent a lucrative market opportunity. In the Asia-Pacific region ,the 50+ group is growing five times faster than overall population growth. They have been largely ignored by marketers and are therefore fertile ground for businesses to make inroads. Asian […]

Novel retirement communities in Hong Kong?

There’s growing interest in the issue of retirement communities around the region. Recently there’s been a fuss in the Singapore media (and a debate in Parliament) regarding the retirement homes being patronized by senior Singaporeans, just across the causeway in Johor Baru, Malaysia. These centres have cleverly adhered to the quality guideliness imposed on Singapore […]

Young and jobless

Young folks have been hard hit by the economy. Sure, seniors may have lost but imagine kids who have just finished school and trying to get a first job in this climate! (and yet business creatures-of-habit will no doubt continue to prioritize younger sements over the more lucrative 50+ group).   Here are a few stats […]

Expat retirement in Malaysia?

Several Asian governments (particularly Malaysia and Thailand) have specific schemes designed to attract the Silver dollar from abroad. A year-round tropical climate, affordable living and government schemes to attract expatriate retirees, seems to be working. And as the global credit crunch continues to bite, some believe the trend will increase as retirees look to places […]