Skype On TV? Why Does Gran Need A Computer?

Skype recently announced that new web-connected TV sets from LG, Panasonic and Samsung will now ship with Skype software pre-loaded. Add a TV webcam and you can make high-definition video calls from the sofa. On Skype’s website, the pitch is clear “Soon you’ll simply gather the whole family on the couch for video calls with […]

Youth-Crazed Boomers Creating A Billion Dollar Industry

Testosterone is one of the fastest-growing therapies prescribed by the $80 billion-a-year anti-aging industry, which has embraced it as the cure du jour for andropause, more commonly known as male menopause. Testosterone is sure looking virile according to this article from BusinessWeek. Sales of testosterone products in the USA already on the market have rocketed […]

Sex get better over 50. Study

According to a survey of 50 plus folks, 45% said their sexual inhibitions have decreased since turning 50 and 40% described themselves as more sexually adventurous. The survey conducted by Leger Marketing (presumably for or on behalf of Pfizers’ Viagra) among Canadians 50 and over (that’s 1/3 of Canada’s population!), also revealed: 27% report that […]

Later marriages a problem for Korean boomers

Baby boomers in Korea who are now in their 50s have a lot on their minds. They are facing an average retirement age of 53, while they can no longer depend on their children to take care of them in their old age. Their most pressing concern is getting their children married, preferably while they […]

Japan's oldest porn star

Elderly porn accounts for up to 30 per cent of the $US20 billion market in Japan and at 74, Shigeo Tokuda is it’s greatest star. Now, I’m always on the look-out for business opportunities arising from the ageing populations, but this one came out of left field! “Elderly people have a lot of time on […]