Podcast: Baby Boomers in Asia Pacific with Kim Walker. Part 1

An interview with on PWRN radio (USA); Generation Reinvention. Hosted by Brent Green. Boomers across Asia represent a lucrative market opportunity. In the Asia-Pacific region ,the 50+ group is growing five times faster than overall population growth. They have been largely ignored by marketers and are therefore fertile ground for businesses to make inroads. Asian […]

Japan's elderly need more help

Japan’s nursing-care business is one of the high growth sectors due to it’s rapidly ageing population. There are now about 1.1 million people working in the industry. But in 5 years’ time the number of Japanese requiring nursing-care services will rise by 1.5 million to a total of 6 million, requiring another 300,000 to 500,000 workers. […]