Podcast: Baby Boomers in Asia Pacific with Kim Walker. Part 1

An interview with on PWRN radio (USA); Generation Reinvention. Hosted by Brent Green. Boomers across Asia represent a lucrative market opportunity. In the Asia-Pacific region ,the 50+ group is growing five times faster than overall population growth. They have been largely ignored by marketers and are therefore fertile ground for businesses to make inroads. Asian […]

Silver in iMoney

Here’s an interview just published in iMoney. This is quite strong coverage, as iMoney reaches an audience of 80,000 business leaders in Hong Kong with its business, marketing and financial oriented news, and the piece takes a very in-depth look at the implications of the silver market and how brands and companies are missing out […]

Hong Kong to launch portal for seniors

Better late, than never. The Hong Kong Government has decided to build a portal The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer is inviting interested elderly-service providers to submit proposals to develop, manage and operate a dedicated portal for seniors.that will: Provide a one-stop information service on elderly services and the “silver-hair market” It should […]

Novel retirement communities in Hong Kong?

There’s growing interest in the issue of retirement communities around the region. Recently there’s been a fuss in the Singapore media (and a debate in Parliament) regarding the retirement homes being patronized by senior Singaporeans, just across the causeway in Johor Baru, Malaysia. These centres have cleverly adhered to the quality guideliness imposed on Singapore […]

Hong Kong Tourism targets Boomers

Even in tough times, baby boomers still want to travel. That’s why The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has identified the “baby boomer segment as our major target” according to HKTB executive director, Anthony Lau. No wonder. According to our Silver3D research, Hong Kong seniors travel more often (for leisure) than their younger cohorts!   […]