Banks fail to win baby boomers' trust – Gallup

Baby boomers in the USA put more money than trust in banks according to a recent survey conducted by Gallup. This Gallup poll was based on 1,014 telephone interviews in the USA among adults aged 18 and older, conducted in December 2013. Download the Gallup release here. While millennials are a hot topic in all kinds […]

Investment opportunities from the ageing population

In many countries the fastest-growing segment of population will be those aged over 50. Australian investment advisor The Motley Fool Australia has selected an interesting array of companies they feel should benefit from this demographic eventuality. Predictably, most are health related. Hearing aids Cochlear (ASX: COH). Perhaps the biggest single driver of demand for Cochlear’s […]

How baby boomers are investing

Equities or annuities? That is the question for older investors. It is an important question because boomers control about 60 per cent of Australia’s $1.6 trillion superannuation wealth. Financial services experts expect demand for annuities to hold up in a rising share-market. Despite rises in the share market,  annuities – which guarantee regular payments in return for […]