Is Age A Factor In Driving Safety?

University of Toronto is calling for participants 70+ older driver cohorts in a study to develop a screening tool that doctors can use to assess who is and who is not safe to drive. The tool will be a rapid, objective test that can be easily completed in a doctor’s office. Computerized tests and on-road […]

Electronic Eyeglasses Hold Great Promise for Older Wearers

A company is developing both static (fixed focus) and electronic dynamic (changeable focus) lensed eyeglasses. The product is the result of collaboration between Pixel Optics which launched its first static composite enhanced multifocal in 2008 and Panasonic Shikoku Electronics of Japan, one of Panasonics group companies. According to their press release, the company claims that […]

The Digital Future For Seniors? Some Innovative Ideas.

Some time ago I wrote about an an ‘app’ that turns an iPhone into a hearing aid. (// but here’s a raft of new ideas put forward by a 3D (Augmented Reality) company in the United Arab Emirates that seems to be thinking (very cleverly) about the digital future for Senior users. Among the ideas […]

Amazing Marketing Successes In Ageing Japan

If you want to know what the future of marketing looks like for our rapidly ageing countries, observe Japan. Japan’s total population as of September stood at about 127.54 million, and 56% are over 40. According to an estimate by the Japan Research Institute, senior households – where the head of the house is 60 […]

New software helps 50 plus drivers stay sharp

One of the known effects of ageing is a natural decline in the brain’s ability to process visual information. One of the activities most affected is driving, a task that demands you simultaneously track multiple moving objects, often at the edge of your field of vision. The decline of this capability may be one of […]

Free eye tests for 50+ in Australia

Older Queenslanders can use state-of-the-art equipment that is not normally available to the public. As part of a test to detect the early signs of age-related macular degeneration, eye specialist and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researcher, is offering free tests to people aged 50 and over. Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness […]

An optical opportunity

The need for glasses is one of the first and most annoying aspects of ageing and therefore a huge business opportunity. A report from The Times (London) suggests that according to the latest research, optical advances and the vanity of the baby-boomer generation has resulted in a 40 per cent global increase in lens implants […]

An ad so bad it's funny

You’ll need a pair of glasses before you get this hearing aid! This ad for a chain of hearing centres in Singapore features what seems to be an interesting hearing aid product with a unique feature. Yet this opportunity has been squandered by appalling art direction and more. (Don’t get me started). Assuming this is […]