Phone For Oldies Uses Picture Memory Buttons

Here’s an age-friendly phone that uses a clever idea; One-touch picture memory buttons. Marketed by Oricom Australia, the phone features other benefits including: Amplified Receiver Allows you to adjust the volume in the earpiece to a higher level for comfortable listening. (Up to 24 dB) Extra loud Ringer Ensures that you can hear your phone […]

Insurance Against Early-Age Physical Decline!?

Noticed an ad in the newspaper today from Prudential; the insurer. It’s for their PRUearly stage disability product. The headline, photos & captions caught my eye: We’ll be there when the simple things in life get tough. Like seeing clearly or sitting and rising from a chair or removing pills from a pack or carrying […]

New Fashion Brand Aims At Mature Women – Isme

I’d love a dollar for every time a ‘mature’ woman has complained to me about the lack of appropriate fashion options. Apart from the usual colour, fit and ‘appropriateness’ of the garments, mature women don’t feel comfortable being served by teeneage sales assistants in darkened retails shops balring the latest hip-hop singles. However, in the […]

Older People Less Tolerant of Queues

An online poll of 2,006 adults in Britain found that older respondents (over 55) became restless in a queue nearly three minutes before younger people but those aged under 35 were more likely to take their frustration out on those around them. As reported by Reuters, the average British adult is able to stand in […]