Companies Marketing Big Trikes To Ageing Bikers

Recognizing the rising demand for trikes and the fact that many of its customers were aging, Harley-Davidson started selling three-wheel versions of its popular touring bikes last year. According to an article in the New York Times, the $30,000 Tri Glide comes equipped with cruise control, optional reverse gear, GPS navigation, stereo speakers, hand warmers, […]

Is Age A Factor In Driving Safety?

University of Toronto is calling for participants 70+ older driver cohorts in a study to develop a screening tool that doctors can use to assess who is and who is not safe to drive. The tool will be a rapid, objective test that can be easily completed in a doctor’s office. Computerized tests and on-road […]

BMW Goes Ageless ……. Again

I have often used BMW as a good example of ageless marketing and inclusive advertising because their advertising, famously, never featured people. Despite this, the BMW brand has always managed to keep it’s youthful, image relative to its nemesis, Mercedes Benz. But things have changed recently. BMW has just launched a new global campaign showing […]

Baby Boomers Drive Demand For Camping Cars in Japan

Camping cars are selling strongly in Japan, thanks to robust demand from baby boomers, according to an article in the Nikkei. Domestic shipments of camping cars, excluding imported or used vehicles, surpassed 4,200 units in fiscal 2007, to reach a record high since the Japan Recreational Vehicle Association began compiling the data three years earlier. […]