Aussie boomers are boozers

Two-thirds of Baby Boomers in Australia say they have consumed an alcoholic beverage in the past month, compared to just over half of Millennials (aged 18-34) and 64% of Gen X (aged 35-54). So when it comes to alcoholic beverages, Baby Boomers (aged 55+) are a segment not to be ignored. Nielsen reports that Baby Boomers […]

Is this hearing-aid advert ageist?

This ad for a ‘revolutionary’ hearing aid device could have been quite fun but instead it becomes a tired, stereotypical (dare I say ageist?) portrayal. In this Bond-esque spoof, the older woman explains the unique benefits of the device to the (younger) agent but sadly/predictably, the older woman walks off with the aid. Not only is […]