The best ageing strategy is no ageing strategy at all

After years of running a multi-generational advertising campaign that includes younger and older models, leading British retailer Marks & Spencer have now turned away from this strategy. Hooray! In a recent panel at Advertising Week Europe, Marks & Spencer’s brand and marketing director said “Bluntly categorising consumers based on age is “meaningless”. This Campaign Magazine […]

Feature older people for effective brand advertising?

As the marketing world slowly wakes up to the inevitability (and potential) of the ageing demographic, we are likely to see more older people featured in brand advertising. Already there is a growing library of ads featuring older people and their stories. Most of them are attempting to trigger empathy, sympathy or other emotions that […]

An age-friendly approach to ‘active ageing’

I have long been a critic of the term ‘Active Ageing’ in campaigns to promote the concept. Singapore being a prime offender. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud the initiative and completely understand the social and economic drivers behind it. All the more reason to applaud the latest initiative from Sport England which has set its […]