AARP Launches New Travel Site

bout a chosen destination. Notice the top bar, which encourages the conversion by showcasing exactly how much flights and hotels are via a Choose Flight/Book Now button – See more at: Personal travel spend for the 50+ American traveller exceeds $120 billion per year and will grow

Why advertisers should target older consumers

AARP’s new print and online campaign emphasizes the purchasing power of the organization’s audience of people over 50. The campaign is  aimed at advertisers features people in their 50s and early 60s, and argues that brands should be focusing on them, not younger 18 to 34 year-olds. The campaign, will be introduced Monday in Adweek […]

Media and Marketers Shift Appeal to 55+ Group – USA

Marketers like Kellogg’s, Skechers and 5-Hour Energy drink are broadening their focus to those 55 and up, who were largely ignored in most of their media plans until recently. The new USA television season will see the introduction of shows created to have broad appeal, including to older viewers, and the ad dollars they represent. […]