Lifetime CX

Enables adults of all ages to fully engage with your brand​

It’s about brand ergonomics​

A customer experience should be uniform for all ages. Most often it is not. Failure to consider the physical changes we undergo as we age may threaten customer loyalty and limit the appeal to new customers.​

Designing touchpoints to be age-friendly adds no extra costs.​

Lifetime CX can be applied in conjunction with Net Promoter Score (NPS) or other CX processes to monitor and correct problems that affect the customer journey.​


It all begins with an audit

We conduct a detailed evaluation of your entire customer journey through the prism of physiological ageing.

The unique AF Audit Tool which we developed, covers a vast range of touchpoints and can be customised to the customer journey for any brand or category.

Our unique approach based on brand ergonomics often reveals failings that could not have been imagined without the rigour of our tools and processes.

Find out more about the AF Tool here.

Comprehensive insights and reports

Our assessment will identify the areas of ergonomic weakness in the customer journey, recommend solutions and provide thoughts on priorities for improvement.

The report is comprehensive and insightful.

Apart from the issues identified, the process helps teams gain a deeper understanding of the impact of physiological ageing on the customer experience.

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Experiential and effective

workshop training

We provide a deeper understanding of the needs of customers as they age in a way that’s insightful, interactive and fun.

Participants are challenged to undertake a variety of ordinary consumer tasks while experiencing simulated ageing impairments.

Some of the world’s leading companies have benefitted from these workshops. It’s a clear opportunity to steal competitive advantage.

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Ideas and Innovation

We are experts at adapting the customer experience to the changing physical needs of older people in a way that will benefit customers of all ages.

Clients call our work “methodical, innovative and thorough”.

Delivered as a report to a small group or to larger groups in an interactive workshop format there’s always practical and valuable learning.

Workshops sessions also serve to educate teams about the needs of customers as they age.

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We’ve probably done it before

Our unique perspectives on ageless marketing have lead to a wide range of fascinating assignments

  • Consumer product

    A sales force guide that engages the retail trade in a discussion about older customers and how to retain them

  • OTC Pharma

    A report on the global best practices and recommended positioning

  • Tourism/hospitality

    A global strategy that embraces ageing consumers in a way that does not alienate younger potentials

  • Telcommunications

    Feedback on the ‘Age-Friendliness’ of prototype designs for a new remote control device

  • Insurance

    Competitive strategy to combat encroachments on a client’s older customers

  • Banking

    Strategy to encourage older customers to embrace online banking

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Liven up your next event​

“I see a great many presentations each year at the 7 or 8 conferences I work on and yours was definitely among the best, both in terms of content, delivery and the message”.

National Manager – Conferences. ProInvest Financial group.

  • Voted “Best Speaker” – Investing in the Ageing Boom
  • Lead panelist at Ageing Asia – World Knowledge Forum
  • Voted “Best Speaker” – 3rd Annual Asia Research Conference
  • Voted “Best Speaker” – 2nd World Advertising Forum
  • TEDx Victoria Harbour Speaker

Change the way you think​

Kim is one of the few global authorities on the ageing consumer and brings the subject to life with entertaining and informative keynotes.​

From small executive team briefings to global and regional conferences his presentations engage at every level.​

He will change the way you think about customer experience in an ageing world.​