Gen X: The next generation of older consumers

Even before the business opportunities around Baby Boomers have been fully realised, pundits are already talking about the next generation of older consumers; Gen X. Generation X is typically defined as people born between the early-to-mid 1960s to the early 1980s.  According to this article, Gen X has 75% more spending power than Millennials, and […]

How Startups Are Tackling The Longevity Economy

Longevity economy

Entrepreneurs are polarising the longevity economy and ignoring the massive middle. In the past, whenever I mention business opportunities associated with the ageing demographic, minds immediately gravitated toward to ‘old, old’ segment. For example, assisted living, medical devices and the like. Now there’s a competitor for investment attention, companies that are seeking to discover the […]

Starbucks Staffed Only By Older Adults

Starbucks recently opened its first cafe in Mexico City, operated by 14 employees ages 50 and older. The coffee giant aims to hire 120 seniors in Mexico by the end of 2019 as reported here by Reuters. What a terrific match of job and skills! Not physically demanding, socially engaging and flexible working hours. Perfect. If […]