Technology and Older Consumers – The Opportunities

Ageing robots

Here’s a succinct explanation of the opportunities for technology with the 50-plus market; services purchased by older people; services purchased on behalf of older people; services traded between older and younger people; and services delivered to future older people. The explanation comes from an article in Forbes magazine which is worth a read if for no other reason than to be updated […]

Wearables and VR vie for Seniors at CES 2019


Among the predictable array of devices for seniors, wearables and VR are the technologies to watch. A few of the ‘ageing specific’ devices unveiled at CES 2019 as posted here on Pillo, an all-in-one pill dispenser, personal digital assistant, and communication device ($500 + $50 per month) CarePredict, a wearable tech band that can […]

Ageism in business

Ageism in business

I’ve written about this subject a number of times but it’s worth repeating, ageism is the last ‘ism’. It is rife in our world today and it’s having a direct, negative impact on business. This excellent article titled The Ageism in Advertising, should be required reading for all consumer marketers and advertising folks as they […]

Gen X: The next generation of older consumers

Even before the business opportunities around Baby Boomers have been fully realised, pundits are already talking about the next generation of older consumers; Gen X. Generation X is typically defined as people born between the early-to-mid 1960s to the early 1980s.¬† According to this article, Gen X has 75% more spending power than Millennials, and […]

How Startups Are Tackling The Longevity Economy

Longevity economy

Entrepreneurs are polarising the longevity economy and ignoring the massive middle. In the past, whenever I mention business opportunities associated with the ageing demographic, minds immediately gravitated toward to ‘old, old’ segment. For example, assisted living, medical devices and the like. Now there’s a competitor for investment attention, companies that are seeking to discover the […]