Is there money to be made from loneliness?

It’s a horrible question, to be sure. But if you think about it, most professions make money from the misfortune of others. Doctors make money from the illness of a patient and a horticulturalist makes money out of a failing crop. Viewed this way, it makes the question sadly more palatable. This article in the Guardian […]

Smart Homes must enable ageless living

A recent article from Accenture reminds us that the ‘smart home’ is expected to add $14 trillion in economic value to the global economy by 2030. It will provide a myriad Internet of Things services and consumer and enterprise applications. This is potentially a huge opportunity. The Accenture report claims that for  Communications Service Providers […]

Is ‘anti-ageing’ an ageist descriptor for brands?

Commonly used in the beauty world, I have long maintained that the expression ‘anti-ageing’ is ageist. It implies there’s something wrong with ageing. Imagine if skin-whitening treatments were positioned on an ‘anti-black’ platform! Now there are signs that the anti-ageing term is losing popularity. According to this article in Elle, Google reported that last year […]