Using the media to break ageing stereotypes

Although 46% of the U.S. adult population is over 50, ageing stereotypes abound and only 15% of media images of adults included these older consumers. This finding from research conducted in 2018 by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). Based on analysis of a random sample of more than 1,000 images drawn from news sites, blogs […]

Cash Remains King In Ageing Japan

I remember using stored value cards for transport purchases in Tokyo almost 20 years ago. Yet today’s ageing Japan is lagging behind other major economies in the adoption of electronic payments. Ageing Japan The answer may lie in the fact that Japan is a super-aged society with more than 28 percent of people 65 or […]

Retailers Still Ignoring Older Shoppers

Older shoppers represent one of the greatest un-tapped business opportunities of our time, yet retailers remain obsessed with youth. According to a recent study by¬†Hitachi Consulting, almost three-quarters (74%) of retail stores in the UK are increasingly focusing their services on 19-38-year-olds. That’s just nuts. Numerous reports confirm that older shoppers will be the main […]

Foods and Flavours For The Ageing Consumer

Meeting the needs of the ageing consumer requires an understanding of the physiological changes we all experience as we age. Product innovation based on this foundation of knowledge will have a better chance of satisfying a real consumer need. Nowhere is this thinking more important than in the fundamental basic human need for food. Physiological […]