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Kim Walker

Kim Walker is Silver

Kim’s interest in the ageing consumer was triggered by his personal experience as an older consumer. There is a clear disconnect between the demographic certainties and the weak business response.

He is a respected figure in the Asia-Pacific marketing communications industry, having earned a reputation as an original thinker.

Kim has held leadership positions in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and Tokyo. He was APAC COO for Carat Media and APAC President of Isobar Digital (Aegis PLC), and Regional President and CEO of M&C Saatchi Asia.

Visionary. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Musician.
Kim has an amazing 30 year advertising career throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Kim launched his first business venture in Tokyo, Japan. His company (SPI) was awarded Global Media Innovator of the Year by AdAge Global in 2000 for revolutionising Japan’s media market.He is also Founder and Chairman of Aprais, the world’s leading business relationship management company, based in London.

Kim is a highly awarded speaker and presenter and has delivered keynotes at scores of functions around the world.

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Benefits for every business

Our clients include both large and small companies across a variety of categories – not limited to those serving the ageing market.
We work with companies united in the knowledge that every business will be impacted by the ageing consumer and that they have the opportunity to benefit or be left behind.
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Productive collaborations

Through our network of skilled collaborators we conduct projects on a global scale.

Dick Stroud is Europe’s leading authority on the ageing consumer.

Kim and Dick have collaborated together and achieved several breakthroughs with Customer Experiences in an ageing world.

Together they wrote the invaluable ‘Marketing to the Ageing Consumer’. They also co-developed the AF Tool and the LifeTime CX™ consultancy services.

Dick’s consultancy 20plus30 is based in the United Kingdom.

20plus30 consulting

Dick Stroud

In the news

As a global opinion-leader, Kim Walker is often interviewed on
television & radio and quoted in print & online.

If you’d like to get Kim’s opinion on a matter related to Lifetime Customer Experience or the ageing consumer, contact him today.

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