Apple Seizes The Opportunity With Older Consumers

Apple plans to unveil new features that will further entrench the iPhone and Apple Watch in consumer health, according to Bloomberg

A clever strategy to capture the ageing consumer

Apple’s new features are the latest evidence, in a string of innovations over recent years, that it seizing the opportunity presented by the world’s ageing populations.

By providing healthcare solutions, Apple is leveraging its substantial footprint in smartphones and wearables as an entry point to the healthcare market and building out its devices as powerful healthcare tools that benefit both providers and payers

Business Insider

The new age-friendly features include;

  • Apple’s integrating the iPhone with hearing aid support and a “hearing health” section. This could make the iPhone a more attractive offering to seniors, as half of adults ages 75 and up have disabling hearing loss, according to the NIH.
  • And the Watch is incorporating a new medication adherence app. A pill reminder app could improve adherence to drug regimens among older consumers, as 55% seniors don’t take their medication as they’re instructed, according to Aging Care.

More than just smart products

Companies still scratching their heads over how they should respond to the greatest business opportunity of our time, should look at Apple for clues.

They’ve innovated not only the ‘product’, but their entire customer experience to make it ageless.