AARP Co-opts Media To Challenge Age Stereotypes

AARP has joined hands with Refinery29 – a successful Millennial woman-focussed medium – to launch a cross-platform initiative that aims to shift attitudes and shape a new image around ageing to tackle redundant age stereotypes.

29 becomes 59

According to this article in Campaign, “Life Begins At,” a year-long drive including co-branded content is a year-long initiative that began with a site takeover in which the publisher changed its name to “Refinery59.”

Echoing research among older consumers (male and female) in other markets, research from AARP reveals that 73 percent of women say they like ads that feature and celebrate women of various ages, but 61 percent do not feel represented by images of women in media.

Initiatives like this plus more forward-thinking platforms like Ageist are helping to slowly impact the portrayal of our generation of ageing adults.

Just as Boomers spawned the revolution around sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, so too they are revolutionising ageing. Slowly, but surely.

Marketing to this older consumer group requires skills that are in rare supply. A combination of attitudinal understanding as well as an appreciation of the physical challenges that accompany normal ageing.