Flipkart says it’s time to define life by your experiences not age

Defining life by experiences not age, is a big, powerful and uplifting idea.

Having spent the bulk of my career in the advertising industry, when I see an ad that brings a big advertising idea to the ageing space, I get a thrill because it doesn’t happen often.

This ad from Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart, did just that. It thrilled.

It’s a wonderfully uplifting spot, unpatronising. Yet it delivers an ageless idea that can equally be adopted by a single mother as an older retiree.

The core message; “It’s time to define life, not by the number of years, but by your experiences”, to celebrate people who say ‘ChooseYourAge’ based on your experiences.

It also happens to use one of my favourite age-related quotes “how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are”? attributed to US baseball pitcher, Leroy Robert “Satchel” Paige.

Now, I began by saying that this ad excited me and as much as I applaud the message, I have to wonder about its linkage to Flipkart. Apart from the corporate goodwill (which it deserves in truckloads) and a scene featuring a lady making her first online purchase, I can’t quite link all this together commercially.

But who cares? It’s not my money and it’s not my client. I love the spot. Well done Flipkart and the agency responsible.