5 emerging trends for healthy-ageing food products in Asia

A recent conference in Singapore discussed nutrition trends toward healthy-ageing.

Called the Healthy Ageing APAC Summit, a speaker from Euromonitor explained 5 consumer trends shaping demand for new ‘healthy ageing’ products;

Food for prevention

Seeing food as a first line of preventative medicine. Becoming more nutritionally aware of the relationship between good food and good health in ones older years.

Rising income, rising sales

Rising wealth of Asia’s older consumers and their increased recognition of, and focus on, the importance of better health in later life.

Functional Fuel

Customer recognition (demand?) for ingredients such as calcium, vitamin D omega 3 to prevent osteoporosis and foods that promote better cardio-vascular health – to name just a few.

Free-form future

Avoiding preservatives and over-processed foods in favour of simpler, natural foods.

Dairy driving innovation

Dairy products are popular across Asia as the main form of calcium delivery. A range of new products are being introduced that capitalise on the need for greater levels of calcium and protein.