Aussie boomers are boozers

Two-thirds of Baby Boomers in Australia say they have consumed an alcoholic beverage in the past month, compared to just over half of Millennials (aged 18-34) and 64% of Gen X (aged 35-54).

So when it comes to alcoholic beverages, Baby Boomers (aged 55+) are a segment not to be ignored.

Nielsen reports that Baby Boomers also have more disposable income compared to five years ago – they have higher personal and household incomes, and are spending more on entertainment and recreational activities.

Baby boomers’ favourite tipple is a glass of wine, and beer a close second favourite. They are also more likely to have had scotch or whiskey in the past month.

Despite this clear evidence of opportunity, I suspect there are very few cases of marketers enlightened enough to embrace this older consumer.