Asia’s older consumers are just as dynamic in society’s evolution as younger generations

Brands need to take heed about how much the lifestyles of older Asians have changed according to The Generation Game: Understand the different life stages of the Asian consumers from research company Mintel. 

Here are a few other quotable quotes from the report;

  • Brands need to keep in mind that older lifestyles need change, and that this often ignored consumer segment presents a lot of opportunities for companies that take the effort to find out the needs of older consumers.
  • One of the best things brands can do is to stop ignoring older consumers as a potentially lucrative market in countries across Asia.
  • Elderly Asians are increasingly enjoying their leisure time, finding new hobbies or learning new skills, while taking the opportunity to travel more and further afield.
  • There is huge scope to fulfil the demand for products and services suited to the many needs of elderly people in Asia.

The report is designed to inform companies about what they need to be aware of when catering to the changing needs of Asia’s future life stages. Life-stages are a vastly more relevant determinant of consumer behaviour than age alone. For this reason, the report is well worth providing some info to Mintel for the download.

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