Your customer needs are becoming ageless, while your customer experience remains ageist

Today’s customers reward or punish companies based on a single experience — a single moment in time. This behaviour is commonly touted as a Millennial trademark, but it’s now in play for older generations as well. Welcome to the new normal.

So say Forrester in their 2017 Predictions: Dynamics That Will Shape The Future In The Age Of The Customer.

Furthermore, gone are the days of endless brand loyalty. According to the Forrester report, 40% of consumers have a high willingness and ability to shift spend, with an additional 25% building that mindset. So the notion that younger generations are more important to a brands’ future than older generations (who are more likely to have the money and the time to spend it now) is folly.

Google has gone so far as to analyse mobile behaviour and its effect on purchase decisions. Their research indicates that people evaluate purchase decisions in-the-moment – Google calls them micro-moments. For example, 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone to influence a purchase decision while in a store.

One of the tips from Google is to ‘optimize across the journey’. This echoes our Lifetime Customer Experience thinking.

People, move seamlessly across screens and channels while the gap in usage between older and younger users narrows each year. Does your brand deliver seamlessly in return? Don’t let competing objectives or department silos stand in the way. Google advises that to account for today’s complex, fractured journeys, brands should anchor completely on the consumer and organize around moments.

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