Intergenerational engagement – welcome to the ageless future.

Intergenerational engagement in society or in business is our future, so let’s get with it!

In marketing terms, we’ve coined the phrase Lifetime Customer Experience, where products are created, marketed and sold to people regardless of their age.

In a world where attitudes and behaviours are no longer defined by age, it makes sense that our world becomes ageless and halts the attempt to pigeon-hole Millennials – or any generation for that matter.

Here’s a good example; Beyond Millennials: Valuing Older Adults’ Participation in Innovation Districts is a study by the Brookings Institute that explores the reciprocal benefits that can accrue from older adults living, working, and supporting business growth in cities, and particularly the innovation districts within them.

Once we recognise the complete sense of creating a more age-inclusive, age-friendly approach to business and society we begin the inexorable, socially responsible and empowering march toward an ageless world.