Using the sex appeal of an older woman to sell. What do you think?

Now here’s a new twist.

We’ve been seeing an increasing prevalence of older people being used as talent in advertising – for all sorts of sensible and ridiculous reasons.

Now here’s an ad for SunLife Home Insurance that plays up the sex appeal of an older women among younger men.

I’d be fascinated to know what older woman (presumably the target) think of this technique.

The message is age-appropriate – home insurance for older people, and I sort of like the tagline “Welcome to Life After 50”.

The ad is short on detail “if you’re over 50 you could get cheaper home insurance with us”, so I guess its job is to provoke interest and stimulate contact to their less than age-friendly web site?

All that money spent on awareness to drive customers into a clumsy, complicated website! They would do well to use our free AF Brands app to understand and remove the hurdles in their Lifetime Customer Experience.