Why our hands become increasingly critical to our customer experience

Hand strength declines with age and the effect is exacerbated by hand arthritis – one of the most common problems that adversely affect the fine motor skills of older people. I should know, I suffer it.

Hand strength declines with age

This issue and it’s consequences for the customer journey (think packaging and product design) are a centrepiece of my book and most of my workshops and keynotes.

So I was interested to see this video from a Korean university boasting an ‘Exo-Glove’.

Although the talent used in this video is more severely physically impaired, it doesn’t take much of a mental leap to see the potential applications for older people.

The product is still in prototype form and I can imagine it will seem laughably clumsy in just a few years, but the potential is clear.

A pair of gloves for the kitchen or the garage perhaps?