Luxury brands to gain from the ageing consumer

There are some refreshing surprises in this list of companies which a leading bank thinks will benefit from an ageing consumer base.

Societe Generale has selected a list of 40 companies with metrics based on historical performance relative to GDP growth and current market cap. The 40 make up a ‘Silver Economy Index’ as reported here.

The usual suspects of wealth management and health services, make immediate sense in a connection with older populations but the list also includes global fashion brands such as Christian Dior and LVMH.

The article quotes Euromonitor that it “…. expects luxury goods, a $370bn market that has seen a 4.6% compounded annual growth in the past five years, to grow 5.4% over the next five years. The older segment of the population is more willing and able to purchase luxury goods.”

In SocGen’s estimation, a strong market will take shape in the luxury goods sector as older consumers with more disposable income drive strong demand for high-end clothing and accessories.