Background noise drives older customers away from restaurants

It’s always good to find quantitative evidence for what we’ve been proclaiming for years.

In fact, according to research conducted by UK’s Action on Hearing Loss, 79 per cent of people have left an establishment because it was too noisy and and 90 percent say background noise is their biggest problem when eating out.

I am one of them.

As this article from the Sydney Morning Herald colourfully explains, “We lean forward, our ears peeled. When the answer comes, we hope we might be in a position to hear it.”

Background noise has a detrimental effect on customer experience in a variety of situations. Our AF Audits have recorded noise levels in hotel lobbies and retail stores that make sales and service conversations difficult, if not impossible.

And it’s not just about deafness. As we wrote in our book, Marketing to the Ageing Consumer the issue is compounded by an older brains’ increasing difficulty to filter out unwanted distractions – both audio and visual.

Turning down the volume is a simple baby-step toward a customer experience designed to satisfy the needs of all ages.