How can we ‘age-in-place’ if our homes become unliveable?

Most of us would prefer to spend our latter years in our homes than in a retirement facility, but most housing is ill-equipped to cater for the needs of older people.

This article (well worth a read) poses an interesting thought; “WHAT IF AMAZON DID HOUSING?”. The idea being that, compared to traditional manufacturers of domestic appliances, the new generation of technology companies for whom consolidation and service is central to existence (Amazon, Google for example), are in a far better position to deliver a more reliable and worry-free form of independent living for seniors.

For the Home section of the Design Museum’s NEW OLD show, Future Facility was asked to “design a future-proofed home environment for independent living into old age”. Admittedly, and sensibly, the design respond to the skills of today’s ‘Digital Natives’ (not today’s older people).

Amazin Apartment is a theoretical invention, whose mandate is to remove the worry and burden associated with domestic upkeep by providing property development, management and supply. In this future, older people are less concerned with data collection, and allow companies to record, analyse and process their data in exchange for the comfort that comes from full-service.

But wait! A quick glance at the design proposed for the washer/dryer shows a single round knob. 10-points for simplicity, 0-points for arthritic fingers and weakened hands. Such a simple and obvious thing.

Any ‘Age-Friendly‘ design should consider the 25 effects of ageing. They are easy to overlook, which is why we designed the AF iPad apps to audit them. Download a free explanatory pdf here.