Cigna launches health insurance for 60+ and makes a fundamental error

Somehow I’ve managed to get on the mailing list of Cigna Health insurance and today I received a promotional mailer selling their 60+ health care.

This is what we refer to as an age-adapted marketing strategy – Taking a product or service that can be used by anyone (health insurance) and tailoring it to meet the specific needs of a particular age-segment, in this case the 60+.2016-09-27_10-46-32

So far so good.

The mailer itself is laden with information and the basic offer is solid; Outpatient cover for five common pre-existing conditions. Cool!

….. and a call to action …..”With our new reduced premium rates and a fantastic 60+ Care benefit now available, there’s never been a better time to buy Individual Private Medical Insurance from Cigna Global”.

The whole intent here is to drive you to “Get a quote”. But! What if I want to find out more before getting that quote? No link!cigna

Worse, the Get a Quote link takes you to the website requesting a blinding array of personal information which I doubt many folks will have the interest or willingness to complete at this early stage of the sale. Fail.

Older customers, like most others, need to be coaxed and persuaded not bludgeoned or bullied into parting with personal information for the sake of a quote.

Silly, because the product seemed quite interesting.