Functional claims drive success among older customers for Japanese juice brand

It’s not often that we read a good case study about packaging but Japanese juice maker Kagome managed 330% growth in just three weeks!

Taking advantage of new labelling requirements, Kagome revamped its packaging to highlight the cholesterol-lowering benefits of lycopene in its core Kagome Tomato Juice line.

And who are their main consumer? The core customers for tomato juice are in their 50s through 70s. Women in their 50s have found the product particularly attractive since Functional Claims labeling-compatible offerings rolled out. On top of that, more consumers in their late 30s are receptive to offerings that incorporate lycopene. Research has found that there is considerable potential for awareness to increase even more among people in their 50s and 60s. Age-neutral, of course.Kagome

What they do not seem to have done is taken the opportunity to deploy new Age-Friendly packaging that would easier for their older customers to open! When conducting CX audits for our clients, we find these smaller sealed tops devilishly difficult for weaker hands.

Beyond packaging, the initiative was supported by various internal and trade activities, starting with in-house training with illustrations and videos.

Kagome was able to quickly identify target outlets and complete its promotional tools so its salespeople knew the right tack to take in engaging in negotiating deals.

One new marketing approach was to prepare data that retailers could use when producing their flyers. The data featured product visuals and slogans that retailers could feature as is.

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