Accenture’s shopper research proves there’s little difference between ages

The survey among 10,000 consumers in 13 countries, reveals many similarities, and some differences in shopping habits and preferences across the generations.

That being the case, you might wonder, what’s the fuss about creating customer experiences that are more Age-Friendly?2016-08-08_15-59-08

Quite simply, the research does not consider the physical challenges that confront shoppers as they age. In fact, one gets the feeling that the research is rather self-serving. Designed to illustrate the highly lucrative problems and issues which Accenture is well qualified to solve e.g. Mobile and other digital integration with the customer experience.

Mundane things such as whether older generations can read labels, manipulate devices, comprehend complex instructions or hear the sales staff are not covered.

That said, the research is a worthwhile read for those interested in the changing shape of retail.

There are some predictable differences between generations but as the infographic vividly illustrates, probably not enough to build a strategy on. The similarities far outweigh the differences.

As usual, age is a poor proxy for behaviour.

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