How Age-Friendly is Singapore Tourism?

Travel & tourism contributed around 10% of GDP to the Singapore economy in 2015 and remains a vital component for the foreseeable future. It’s something Singapore takes very seriously and, in most respects, they do a terrific job at it.

Older tourists represent an important group of Singapore’s visitors. Over five million visitors aged 45+ visited the country in 2014 – around 36% of total visitors.

The global window to inbound Singapore Tourism is the board’s website ‘YourSingapore” described as being an: ‘innovative and intelligent platform that invites visitors to make their virtual experience in Singapore a reality’. While it’s a huge improvement over the previous website, it still has flaws for older users.

Click to download the case study

Using the AF Brand app we evaluated the quality of the customer experience when visiting the YourSingapore web site and the main tourist office in Orchard Road, Singapore. The results are not good.

An overall score of 2.9 is poor and would have been even worse had it not been for a high score for ‘Support’.

All of the other customer experiences had significant problems, suggesting that little account has been taken of the needs of older visitors.

Download a pdf of the case study here.

Admittedly, this is a very cursory evaluation using free version of the AF Brands iPad app.  (A complete audit would cover over 350 customer touchpoints).

The AF Audit tool helps brands identify, measure and monitor how well they meet the needs of customers throughout their lifetime, with particular consideration to the needs of ageing minds, bodies and senses.

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