A glaring omission in McKinsey’s answers to the ageing workforce

Clue; it’s going to take more than “flexible hours, part-time schedules, and the ability to work from home”.

old-workerIn this article titled; “New talent tensions in an era of lower investment returns”, McKinsey paints a familiar scenario where the benefits longer working lives could evaporate if organizations cannot figure out how to make sure their aging workforces remain productive, engaged, and cost effective as the business world changes, the skills they need evolve, and their compensation rises with tenure. What’s more McKinsey states (the obvious) that more older people extending their careers could create challenges for their younger coworkers.

But the answer to maintaining and improving productivity of older workers must involve recognition of and adaptation to the physical limitations of workers as they age. See my article on this subject; New technologies for ageing workers.

Unfortunately, most work environments are not designed to support the physical needs of older workers. i.e. they are not Age-Friendly.