How about being younger for longer?

A child born in Japan today has more than a 50 percent chance of living to be 107. The same will surely be reflected in other societies as they age.

So here’s a thought, why not instead of thinking of people being older for longer, perhaps we should plan on being younger for longer?

While particularly important for younger people planning their lives, for example that they will have to work for long100 yearser than their parents, I think this is a healthy way for marketers to view older consumers and is a key focus of our Lifetime Customer Experience Workshops.

Instead of the myopic focus on assistive aids and retirement living for older consumers, how about rethinking ways to help us to think, feel and look younger for longer!?

This thinking opens up business opportunities for just about every conceivable industry .

Apart from being a more positive approach to the ageing consumer, it is more in-line with the perception we have of ourselves and the lives an increasing number of older people want to live.

This subject is dealt with in a book called “The 100-year Life” that I’m about to read, in which the authors consider the ways we should change our outlook on life to adjust for the fact that we are living for so much longer.