How Age-Friendly is the Apple Watch?

It has been reported that nearly half of Apple’s customer base are over 55 year of age. In fact, as I wrote here, men over 65 are now Apple’s top spending customers.

So it made sense for us to evaluate how well this hot new product, the Apple Watch, meets the needs of these valuable, older customers.

Click the image to download the Apple Watch AF Brands case study

Using the free version of the AF Brand app we evaluated the quality of the customer experience when purchasing the Apple Watch. The research was completed in the UK and Singapore.

Achieving an average AF audit score of 4.1 out of a possible 5, the Apple Watch performs well. However, even using this rudimentary version of the AF audit tool, there are clear opportunities for improvement.

For example, the Apple Watch challenges older eyes and finger dexterity while the user-interface poses cognitive challenges.

Download a pdf of the case study here.

The AF Brands iPad app is a tool to help brands measure and monitor how well they meet the needs of customers throughout their lifetime, with particular consideration to the needs of ageing minds, bodies and senses.

Find out more about the free AF Brands app here.