Examples of real progress on ageing in the workplace

Starting from July 2016 year, a company in Singapore can apply for up to S$300,000 in grants to fund job redesign projects targeted at workers aged 50 and older under the WorkPro scheme.

In the conversation about ageing populations, there’s so much theoretical rubbish about these days that it’s refreshing to get some real case examples.Lawrys

Restaurant chain Lawry’s has introduced a number of practical initiatives according to The Straits Times:

  • e-menu system that allows its waiters and kitchen staff to use iPads to take and fulfil customers’ orders
  • Automated physically strenuous processes such as knife sharpening and dishwashing
  • Attendance is taken with a fingerprint detector, to spare workers the need to remember to take their ID cards to work
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Younger staff appointed as Silver Work Mentors, whom older workers can turn to for help

I wonder if Lawry’s has adopted similar Age-Friendly practices for their customer journey?

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