A good report on the silver consumer tarnished by its youthful authors

I’m a big fan of Nielsen and have written many blogs citing their useful studies. Their recent study of the ageing consumer in Singapore titled “How to win hearts and carts of the Silver Generation” is worth the registration to download. It has lots of useful and data and some remarkably familiar insights. 2016-05-10_14-54-11


The report plays with labels for older consumers and presents a colourful selection to choose from; Silver Generation, Silent Generation, Pioneer Generation, Generation VIP.

The real shocker is the prevalent reference throughout to the “elderly” when the methodology was “limited to those above the age of 55”.

I made reference to this in my blog How media reporting on ageing can be bad for business and incorrectly blamed the journalist. I wrote; “So I suspect the journalist who picked up this story was probably a ‘twenty-something’ who thinks anyone over 40 is ‘elderly’.

A look at Nielsens’ youthful editorial team pictured at the back of the document explains why the report feels as if it was written about another species.

Surely there are some elders (over 55) still working at Nielsen who could have consulted/edited this before it went public?