Brands still failing to appeal to older consumers – research

This time from Australia where 88% of older people feel that they are largely ignored by business and marketers.

The research covered the attitudes of almost 8,000 Australians over 50, almost or a third of the population. It shows (again) that brands and services are missing the mark with older consumers.506272-3x2-940x627

This serves to deliver an updated reminder of what we’ve been talking about for years. But as with most research it is thin on guidance about how brands should respond.

While academics pour over the ever-growing mountains data, the facts are clear, the ranks of older consumers are growing and most companies are ill-equipped to deal with them.

Our practical response to this lies in Five Universal Truths;

  1. Physiological ageing is the only thing that all consumers have in common
  2. Physiological ageing affects virtually all of the touchpoints in the customer journey
  3. Touchpoints that satisfy the needs of older consumers work for all other ages
  4. An outstanding Customer Experience requires all the touchpoints are age-neutral
  5. Creating an age-neutral Customer Experience costs no more than one that isn’t

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