Swiss Life joins the line of insurers tackling ageing. Yawn.

In collaboration with Economist Intelligence Unit, the insurer has put quite a bit of effort into the concept of Rethinking Longevity. Not exactly a new idea.

The dedicated website explains; This content programme, sponsored by Swiss Life, aims to shed light on the challenges and benefits of greater longevity in Europe and explores what people want and expect from a longer self-determined life.

While we applaud actions that raise awareness and debate around this issue, the question I have about many such initiatives is, who are they targeting, and why? Consumers (older, younger or all)? Governments (policy makers or planners)?

In the English speaking world alone there are so many ageing-related initiatives under-way, not just by insurance companies. For example:

and from non-insurance;

With a multitude of issues, problems and opportunities to address, I wish companies would conduct a thorough review of ‘what’s out there’ before committing good money on duplicate or boring programs.

A few years ago, we conducted a global study for one of the worlds’ leading pharma companies who were concerned about their positioning in the ‘ageing space’. They were about to rush headlong into a program of investment in the area that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital and man-hours. Our study showed them the futility of this approach and how better to use those funds.

Such a simple step.