Millennials are having the worst time of their lives – study

The average age for the onset of depression has dropped from late forties or early fifties, where it was 30 years ago, to mid twenties, and it’s expected to drop further.

This article in Harvard Business Review highlights a study of various psychological indicators based on 88,000 people who joined the Happify service during 2015. looking-sad

They found that people experience a sharp increase in stress levels in their late twenties and early thirties. Stress levels increase more moderately during the thirties and forties, remain steady for about 20 years, and then drop sharply as retirement comes around.

“It starts with a feeling of being locked in to a commitment at work or at home: people take on jobs, rent apartments, and enter relationships, but then feel trapped in pretend adulthood. Then, at some point, they leave their romantic partners, jobs, or social groups and become separated and lonely”.

Happify surmises that as we age, we learn to put things in perspective, believe in ourselves more, and realise that the emotions that sometimes pierce our chests are temporary and do not have to consume us.

“Psychological aging is a positive process in which older equals better”.

Not quite sure what this has to do with marketing and consumers but it does balance the ‘always happy and carefree’ image portrayed of Millennials and the sad, tired images often projected of us older folks.