Taiwan study highlights the folly of age-based marketing

The introduction to this Nielsen study says it all “for all of our differences, in many ways, it’s remarkable how similar we are no matter the age”.

Precisely why we think that, with obvious exceptions, the concept of age-based segmentation is a business-limiting strategy. 2016-02-03_13-17-14

This Nielsen research echoes similar results from other countries in this global study. Download the Taiwan report here.

According to the report “… today’s consumers are bucking yesterday’s preconceived generational notions. in fact, many older people are embracing a more technology-driven world, and sizeable numbers of younger people are turning to more traditional values”.

The Nielsen Global Generational lifestyles survey polled 30,000 online respondents in 60 countries, 508 online respondents in Taiwan, to better understand how global consumer sentiment differs across life stage.

Granted that this a biased sample of older consumers because of the online sampling but for marketers, this is probably representative of the more lucrative customers.