Another over-60 star recruited as L’Oreal celebrity ambassador

L’Oreal has signed up 69-year old Hollywood actor and human rights campaigner Susan Sarandon.

This is a good thing.Susan-Sarandon-015

She joins a cast of over-60 female celebrities whom the beauty brand has adopted as ambassadors, including Helen Mirren (70), Diane Keaton (70) and Jane Fonda (78).

This strategy is designed to reinforce L’Oreal’s commitment to combating ageism, in an industry that is renowned for its obsession with beauty, weight and age.

According to reports, Sarandon has had some high profile affairs including once with David Bowie (RIP) and she is/was involved with Jonathan Bricklin, a business partner, who’s in his mid-30s.

I guess she still sees some benefits in youth.